mahina amelia wallet

  1. hi! i'm new to lv and needless to say, this forum has enabled me to make several purchases just over the last 3 mths or so.
    i know i caught on really really late on the above item, but i'm DESPERATELY seeking to purchase the amelia in light grey but sadly told by every store i called that they were outta stock.
    since it's seasonal, is there any possibility of it returning again???
    will greatly greatly appreciate any info. on this pls!!
  2. there should be some floating around, just kept calling 866 or elux to check the stock, good luck!
  3. thks. loads for your rapid reply!!
    thing is i m based in london, and singapore, and both these stores do not have stock for the grey version.
    i already tried elux online and they only have black as well
    but thks. so much! will keep tryin like you adviced!=)
  4. Eluxury had it as well as the black one in stock several days ago. It was under the rew releases section under the LV boutique. It seems like each time I have seen it on Eluxury, it has been in the late evening hours! Keep checking with Eluxury.
  5. Thank You!!
  6. Have you tried the LV Customer Services line that is based in the UK. You'll be able to check all stores stock levels from there. Harrods, Selfridges, the lot. Do you have the number?
  7. hi! yea i tried the no. 0207 399 4050
    pls advise if there's another no.??