Mahina Amélia Wallet... Which Color Should I Choose?

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  1. I plan on getting some goodies in 2 weeks and the Amélia Mahina Wallet is definitely one of the choices. I love both colors... and can't decide which one to get, if I get the wallet. Which color would you choose and why?

    ~TIA :heart:

  2. I like the chocolate colour one! It looks more masculine and durable. x
  3. Yeah the black one is very nice... yet durable too! But you know masculinity has never mattered to me haha. :P
  4. I like them both, but I'd be too scared to get the white one dirty.
  5. Black for sure! it's just gorgeous and classic! Just like you hun!!
  6. macska: Yeah you're right about the gris... it would get dirty! :sad: I wouldn't want that.

    baglover1973: Aren't you a sweetie? :heart: Thank you! :biggrin: I wonder if you can see the perforations on the black well?
  7. [​IMG]

    Wow!:nuts: gorgeous! This is tough, can you get both?:P LOL! I think they're both very beautiful. I'd get the white for summer time and the black one as well, as it's great for the fall and winter seasons. :graucho:Hmmmm, for you, I'd choose the white for a change and also for variety.
  8. I totally wish I could get both... but I couldn't bring myself to spend almost $1,700 on two wallets haha. I like your thinking... my collection has mostly brown in it... so black wouldn't give it that much variety. I do have the Azur key holder and the Gris wallet would definitely go nicely with it. :heart: thanks for your input sweetie!
  9. You're sooo adorable! :heart: Now that I know that you have mostly brown in your collection, I'd get the white. Maybe you could get a bag in the Multicolore line or Damier Azur later?:graucho::smile:
  10. :biggrin:! I actually have the Aurelia GM in Black. I have never used it... I got it winter of 2007. I plan on using it this summer though! I have the Pochette GM to match it too haha. I don't really go out too much in winter, so the only bags I've been using are my Speedys, Neverfull and my Trevi.
  11. Wow wow!:yahoo: I love your collection. You are now ready for summer! Get the white! LOL!:P
  12. It's definitely going to be a tough decision... :crybaby:haha
  13. I would get black. I'd be afraid of the white getting dirty.
  14. White is wonderful! But black is more praticale.... hard choose. :biggrin:
  15. I too, love the black one. I would be afraid to carry the white one and get it dirty. It's calf leather and it's very soft.