Mahalo, question about the Mahala

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  1. Ladies, I saw my first real Mahala today and was wondering, is the inside lined in suede or is it just a polyester type material? Just wondering b/c the SA didn't seem to know and said it was probably poly, but I couldn't imagine poly lining on the inside of a almost 2K bag.

    Also, the zippers seemed a little funky to me -- like not very sturdy-almost-paperclip-like and the zipping didn't seem to go very smoothly. The SA said that overtime the zipper will open up smoother and smoother. Does anyone find this true?

    Thanks so much for your help!!!

    Edit: Also for those of you who have the Mahala, what do you keep in the bottom pocket? I just love all the pockets on this bag!!!
  2. mammab - Where did you see these bags? The SA should know what the bags are lined with if they are good SA's???

    The Mahala's are lined with moleskin (actually all Jimmy Choo Bags I have seen or owned) are lined with the moleskin. It feels like suede and is a beige color. I think some of the older styles may have been lined with other linings, but I can not say for sure.

    As for the zippers on the Mahala's, they are a little stiff (especially on the patent leather bags) but many ladies use candle wax along the teeth or a Teflon spray (see the attached thread)

    The zipper will get easier, especially if you use any of these methods. The outside pockets on my Mahala's have always gone unused for me, but I am sure other ladies use these areas to store some items!
  3. Moleskin...."genuine moleskin" what exactly is that? Is it really from a mole (which at the moment I am hoping as I have a major mole problem in my garden!!) ? Or is the same material that I use when hiking to put over my blisters that I buy at my local drugstore that is really called "moleskin" I hope not to offend anyone, I just really don't know...

    I saw the Mahala my Nordstroms and yes, the poor SA had no clue what the lining was made of.

    Thanks so much for the zipper info. It's really a pity that with such an expensive bag that the hardware needs to be broken in. I guess it doesn't matter much with the celebs who carry these bags around and who can afford to buy them and deal with these issues. I wish I was rich so I wouldn't have to nit pick over these issues, oh well...
  4. The zippers are kind of stiff, but I have found them to be super heavy duty. I, too do not put things in the outer pockets as I think it distorts the look of the bag when you have lumps. I don't think it is an issue of having to be broken in...I don't think many people actually use these exterior pockets as there are so many interior ones.

    The lining is not actual mole skin from a mole...LOL! It is a material called moleskin. There is a thread somewhere on this forum which explains it in detail. Tell her jburgh...
  5. The Thread that JM was looking for is:

    post #9

    Or here's the Quote from it:

    Any ways hope this clears everything up!:tup:

  6. It must depend on the particular bag, because I have four mahalas and all of the zippers work fine on mine and are easy to pull. Maybe I am heavy-handed? because I have never had a problem with the zippers. No issues here.
  7. Thanks everyone! I'm going to have to go into Nordies and put my things in those outer pockets to check out the shape of the bag afterwards. I'm a pocket whore, must have a pocket for everything (I'm carrying around a chloe betty currently) that's why I fell in love with this bag - all the pockets!! I'll keep you posted if I take the plunge...
  8. Good luck with your decision. I don't think you'll regret it if you get it though!
  9. Goodluck mammab! I adore the Mahala, very easy to use. Nice and roomy. I do use the outside pocket, but particularly the pocket on the other side not the same side as the logo plaque. The zippers (just) sometimes gives me a little bit attitude but not a big deal for me. I heard good things about using the Teflon spray. I have tried using the lip balm, made a difference.

    Let us know what you'll get!
  10. Mammab, We have had a problem with moles in our yard also. :tdown: I went to the Greenhouse & they said a product called Grub Killer works to get rid of moles. It's a granule substance that you spread on the yard & it kills the grubs which are the mole's food source. If you get rid of their food source the moles will leave. We have tried the little windmills in the ground too & that did not work. The grubb killer stuff was like around $25.00 a bag & they said that 1 bag would do our yard, but I had to go back & get a 2nd bag. We live in a trailer court & have a single wide trailer house 14x70 so our yard is small. I don't know how much it would take to do a regular size yard. It was definitely worth the money. :tup: They said around the month of May would be a good time to put this stuff down. Hope this helps! Colette:flowers:
  11. Okay, sorry to keep this going but I can't help it, it's soooo OT but we bought those mole sticks you put in the ground that emit a beeping sound and so far, so good. We have the real good compost dumped in our beds every year and with that comes all the earthworms/bugs so it's no wonder we have a mole problem. I will definitely keep that product in mind as well. Imagine my excitement when I read the linings of these handbags were made from moleskin, LOL -- I know, I'm evil, but damn those little devils :devil:
  12. The moleskin lining is to die for in real life, it's phenomenal
  13. It is not from the skin of moles...LOL. It is a material called moleskin.:roflmfao:
  14. Yes I hate those Poor Little Darlings more than Colette.
    Since I get to cut the grass and well......

    But since the time we used the grub killer I have done some reading and found out that those Poor Little Darlings love :love:Wrigley Doublemint gum except they can't digest it!
    What a Shame!:supacool:
    So what I've read is you take a stick and poke a hole in the top of the tunnel and drop a half of stick in the tunnel and also put a half stick at each opening that you find and well, the Poor Little Darlings eat the gum and well.....
    Any way I'm going to give this a try in the next week and see what happens.
    I kind of like the fact of spending $2.00 instead of $50.00 on those Poor Little Darlings!
    I rather buy Colette something with the extra!:graucho:

    Not that I would like get rid of them but I'm tired of twisting my ankle:cursing: from stepping in those nice little holes and tunnels those Poor Little Darlings make.
    I'll let you know how it goes.

    Now Back on topic..

    BTW how many mole pelts do you think it would take to line a handbag?:P