Mahala question – Help!

  1. Hi Jimmy Choo ladies!

    Can someone please tell me if the Mahala has magnetic things on the side of it?:confused1:
    My neighbor as a red one that has some round magnetic things on the side, so I’m concerned it may be fake.:wtf:

  2. oh - forgot to mention.
    Her round magnetic things are toward the top and they seem to be put there to make the bag close on the sides better - does that make sense.

    She also has the leather - not the liquid patent.
  3. No magnetic things on my former black Mahala from Cruise/Spring 07 nor on the Liquid Patent Mahala from Pre Fall 07..... Sorry, but it sounds a little fishy:oh:
  4. Thank for your thought Robyn.
    She paid around 1300.00 for it at a consignment store and I really think she got taken. Sad!
  5. i am thinking of buying the bag at NAP in purple/aubergine. have not seen the bag irl (but love it from all the pics) and i would like to know if the gold hardware is more matte (brass) or really shiny gold. this because i wear most of the time silver jewelry........thanks for your help!!
  6. MAXIMA I have the electric blue Mahala. The hardware is definitely not brass. It's a true gold. If you wear a lot of silver jewelry, you may want to consider the new fall black Mahala. It's gorgeous and is the only Mahala to come with gunmetal hardwear. I've seen it in person and this bag is TDF. You can also get black with the gold hardware, but the gunmetal would go great with your jewelry. If you want to see a pic of the bag, go to the JC website. They have a pic of a black Maddy with gunmetal's the same as the Mahala only smaller. But you'll get the idea.
  7. Robyn, are you sure? I saw so many bags today that I can't remember which was which. I'm always worried about my bag falling off of the car seat onto the floor so I usually look for closing bags or zip bags. I do remember one of Choos have magnetic closure thingy's. Just not sure which one. Not the Riki or Ramona. And I think the Malena zipped so the Mahala might be the one with the magnetic closures.
  8. Mahala definitely has a strong magnetic closure. I have it in black with gunmetal hardware. Love it!
  9. There is one magnetic closure in the very center of a Mahala & a Maddy bag, but none on the sides and yes it is a very strong one. I am sorry if I was not clearer:sad:
  10. vaness13181 thanks for your advice! i have seen the maddy with the silver hardware and love the bag, but i prefer the mahala as it is bigger! i will wait then al little while! thanks again!!
  11. yes, i have the mahala, and mine has a magnetic closure in the center, top, middle of the bag. to help keep the bag closed. perhaps when chinadoll said "sides of the bag", that's what she meant? and not the sides meaning side versus center? hmmm...what that even more confusing?? :shrugs:
  12. I have a few A/W 07 Mahalas and there are definitely not magnetic closures on the sides. Just the main one in the middle of the bag.
  13. Oh no!

    Her bag must be a real good fake!
    the magnetic closure ARE on the sides!
    There round little things that can only see if you look close enough ... I called on my inner "Agatha Christi" to do some detective work.
    I don't think I have the heart to tell her :sad:
  14. Ok, maybe I'm a complete idiot - but I don't get it.

    Don't you need 2 magnets in order to get the bag to close: one north, one south?

    How can these bags close if there is only one in the center of the bag? What does it close to? It's like one hand clapping - LOL!
  15. My friends has 4 magnets
    Two at the top of the sides - like to keep the side area together - does that make sense?