mahala in sand - maddy in poppy?

  1. hi all

    i don't usually hang out here. i am mostly on the prada/miu miu and marc jacobs threads... but i went to visit the new jimmy choo store in beverly hills today as i had to walk right by on my way to paying my Saks bill before it was too late late late... the store is lovely! and huge! and they still have a bunch of stuff on sale! plus all the gorgeous new stuff for cruise and spring. sigh.

    anyway... i fell in love with the mahala in sand. it is amazingly beautiful irl... i am also madly crushing on the red maddy... i think i will get the mahala in the neutral and then for my next bag the maddy in a color that really pops... hopefully on sale ;)

    what do you all think? neutral vs. bright and maddy vs. mahala? i am tending to go with the idea of a neutral for the large size bag and a fun color for the smaller bag... any thoughts?
  2. I think that's a great idea! I just got my first Mahala...a purple!...last week and I love it!!
  3. oh.. i have seen the purple in photos and it looks soooo beautiful... it is not available anymore i don't think. you are so lucky. purple is a great color!
  4. Did they have a good selection of sale bags??
    oooh..what was on sale:graucho::graucho:
  5. I would definitely get the Mahala in neutral first.

    I just got my first Choo...Mahala...on Monday...LOVE IT...white / light beige suede...I plan to use her year around...since I live somewhere where it is warm most of the time.
  6. I have a Poppy Red Mahala. I think red can be a great neutral.
  7. i agree red can be a great neutral... but i just bought a big red miu miu this fall. of course if i had seen the mahala in red at the time i would have probably bought that instead!!!

    on sale i recall an animal print carolina and a tayten clutch in pinky purple and red garnet... lovely. i am going back today so i will pay more attention.

    at regular price they had a black patent maddy that was awesome because you could take it out at night as well as day...
  8. Please report on which exotics they have on sale!!!!
  9. Oh God...a black patent Maddy????:drool:
    I agree with you the Mahala in sand would be fabulous! I have the Maddy in the new turquoise and talk about a pop of color!!!! The Poppy was my other choice and it was a hard one. The only thing about the poppy is I wasn't sure that shade of red would be hard to wear as a red...if you know what I mean.
    My sister lives in SoCal and I have been dying to come down and see the new store! We need to get some other Choo girls together for a get together and go visit that store!!!:party:
  10. o.k. i just got back from the rodeo drive jimmy choo store and this is what they have on sale... the SA who helped me said she can help you get almost anything in the fall winter look book on sale. her name is nikki and her number is 310-860-9045

    the sale items are mostly exotics

    - ayse in burgandy
    - what looked like a snake malena in off whit/grey
    - gold rio metallic python
    - tribeca fur tote in white and in black
    - togo in brown croc and in black croc
    - carolina wildcat print clutch
    - swing in ivory croc or snake - i don't recall but believe croc
    - tayten in red watersnake
    - usher in black snake
    - zebra in wildcat print

    hope this helps
    i will also post this on deals and steals

    p.s. i picked up the sand mahala!! love it!!!
  11. oooohhh, Congrats!!
  12. Congrats on your Mahala & thanks for all the info :flowers:
  13. no problem and thanks!