Mahala in other colors?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    Ok, so I am loving the Mahala (JC newbie)..but can anyone tell me if it has or will come out in a Tan/Camel color?
  2. To my knowledge,the bag has not and will not come in tan/camel this next season. The new colors will be mostly jewel tones i.e. patent dark green,purple,vamp.In the past...a forest green,black,white,pythons, several metallics, electric blue,and of course red(I thought I saw navy too).Ladies,let me know if I missed one.
  3. My SA called me this afternoon and said they were receiving an emerald green crocodile Mahala tomorrow :woohoo: for the Fall pre-release and would email photos of it to me immediately! I bet it will be SO AWESOME. (I bet I could almost drive it home...)
  4. how did you find that out?? I'm dying to know what the fall colors will be
  5. Thanks for the info, much appreciated...Im looking for a summer bag, maybe I'll get it in the white with beige suede sides...
  6. sweetnycdesi, the "bronze" Mahala is sort of close to the camel family, if you are interested in a metallic bag...

    Samantha, I don't think the Mahala came in forest green in the past, but I could be mistaken. :shrugs: (I'm a huge green fan!) Have you seen any pics of the green patent Mahala for fall? I can't envision what a patent Mahala would look like.

    Robyn, I am dying to see your pics of the emerald green crocodile Mahala!!!!!
  7. Cosmo,Kate Hudson has been photographed with the dark green.It is an older bag.It is very pretty.I will try to find the pictures to post in the celebrity section.As for the patent I have not seen it yet.

    Robyn,the crocodile Mahala sounds tdf and astoundingly pricy.Looking forward to pics.
  8. :idea:
    The white is sooo pretty.Check out the Liz Hurley Wedding thread in the Celebrity Sub Forum.She is carrying it in alot of pics.Matter of fact, we need those pictures for the JC subforum:idea:
  9. Found the Kate Hudson green Mahala already shown in the JC Celeb section.


    Kate3.jpg Kate4.jpg
  10. She looks so young for her age, love that green!
  11. OMG!
    That green it TDF!:nuts:
    What is the style name of that bag?
    If the mahala comes in that color I will HAVE to get one
  12. Yes, I've seen those Kate Hudson pics in the past w/ what appears to be a green Mahala. The strange thing is, when the Mahala came out last fall, I never saw a green one for sale at any JC boutique or at any dept. store, and I never saw any other pics of green Mahalas on celebs or anywhere else.

    It sort of made me wonder if the green version was a special edition or a test bag that JC just sent out to celebs, pre-launch. Have any of you ever seen a green Mahala for sale? Last fall, all I ever saw was the black and red Mahalas to start off the line...
  13. The green Mahala color was actually called Emerald Green and was sold in boutiques last year.I do not know if it was sold online.The green was a hot color...I can see why.
  14. This green is really amazing. Such a deep and beautiful color.