Mahala in bone?

  1. I just got a Mahala in "bone" from NM - can you people tell me if the
    color is really like it is in this picture??? I almost didn't get it, since
    bone to me is tan....

    Is it really this green??? (I'm hoping!)

  2. ^ moogle - when this bag came out in fall, it was called bone. Then, like you, the rest of the world said "Wha??? what kind of bones are green?" Then it started to pop up as "Sage." By December is was being called Sage by all the SAs. In answer to your question, and your is a mottled ... SAGE GREEN! :yahoo:
  3. YAY!!!!! Thank you!!!! I was thinking about canceling it, but decided I'd better check here first. I love the green!!! I really don't care for light colored bags - so the thought of tan was kind of a turn off. But green!!!!! I love green!!!!

    Thank you!!!!

    I think I got a great deal too, $888. Not too bad, at least.
  4. If you search the Choo forum for "sage Mahala" you will see that this one has been discussed a lot.