Mahala - Camel or Sand

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  1. Does anyone know if the Mahala came in a Camel color for S/S09? I'm trying to figure out if it's the Camel or Sand color that the boutiques have -- or if they're actually the same color; just people calling it different names. Also, is Beige a good color for the Mahala style/shape or too 'neutral'? (since that style comes in various bright colors). Any ladies here who own one who can show modeling pics? Thank you!
  2. i do remember seeing a light beige colored mahala, but not sure if it was s/s 09. did you check the JC reference library or do a search for a s/s 2009 thread in this subforum?
  3. I checked the reference library and wasn't able to find anything. I guess I'm just curious if it's officially called 'Camel' or 'Sand' (have heard SA's refer to both). I think it's a great color for summer, but trying to decide if it might be too light for all year long...
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    There was one is sand. It came out the same time as the poppy color...I want to say cruise-2007. I have not heard of one in camel.

  5. Thank you!