Mahala and Maddy question

  1. According to the JC website, certain Mahala and Maddy bags are the same price. Neither is on sale and the only thing I could think of its just the color difference in hardware. Is it because of the colors of the leather? They seem to be the same materials. For example, this Maddy
    is the same price as this Mahala.

    Thanks. Oh and btw, there is an electric blue maddy up on the site.
  2. HubbaWubba - I saw that. :confused1: I think it is odd that the Maddy costs the same as the Mahala. I would think that the electric blue Maddy might be more because it is a hot color. Honestly, I believe it is a mistake on the black. :yes: If you go to this link, you'll see the exact same black Maddy bag for $300 less:

    Are you going to get one? I bought the blue Maddy it is TDF! :drool:
  3. Is not the same price... Is just a round price what is posted on the web.... for example my cognac maddy was $1563.30 + $131.70 (duties) total $1595.00 plus $35 for shipping .... my purple mahala $1738.53 + $156.47 (duties) total $1895 + $35 shipping .....

    So is about a $200 difference on the maddy and mahala...
  4. Okie dokie. Thanks.
  5. Ooh, I thought you bought the purple mahala from NAP for $2295. Glad you paid regular price. lol
  6. ^ no no no ..... got it from JC - cheaper - much more!!