feb. sale!!

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  1. #1 Feb 14, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2010
    both code can be combined!


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  2. omgosh thank u :smile:
  3. Thanks! I just bought a pliage. :yahoo:
  4. thanks, though i was unable to enter both codes. it said i did not have the proper merchandise in my cart.
  5. Looks like the code doesn't work for LE items like the Eiffel Tower and Patches totes. Boo.
  6. thanks, OP! just managed to save some money on longchamp bags for relatives in taiwan!
  7. thanx~ so much cheaper compared to China...
  8. how's your shipping experinece with Magnums? Are they shipping from within the US?
  9. u welcome ladies (: ^Magnums ships within the US, shipping seems fair :biggrin:
  10. I m in boston right now so it is domestic shipping. Will update once i received it.
  11. Bought one bag from them with free standard shipping. I did have to email them for the tracking info, but the bag arrived in well under the 5-8 days for standard shipping.

    I did order the LE Eiffel Tower tote and Charles Anastase ballet shoes bag last night, can't wait to get them! ^^
  12. Thanks! I ordered a black Le Pliage tote for my Mom! I think she'll love it.
  13. received it today! wow....the speed is kinda amazing
    I don't think i hv ever received stuff from online that fast!
    They sent me an UPS tracking number though the number didn't work
    I got the pink long handle Le Pliage, can't believe I finally got sucked into this
    well, it is a good bag for grocery shopping =)
  14. the code works on eiffel tower open tote and patches tote. but it's weird. yesterday I was trying to check out 1 eiffel tower open tote and 1 large patches. code is working on the eiffel only. tried repeatedly a few times. then just decided to call magnums. the representative tried the code on patches and said that it's working. so I also tried again, and it worked!

    now I'm trying the code again on patches, and not working again.... I don't understand what could be the problem...
  15. can you order through the phone maybe? i suppose it's the site error