Nov 4, 2007
I'm trying to purchase a Longchamp handbag from there. It seems authentic, but just wanted to doublecheck! TIA;)
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Oct 7, 2006
San Francisco
What's the website? I got a communications firm when I tried

If you're worried about authenticity, I'd just purchase from Nordstrom or another department store that carries Longchamp.
Mar 24, 2007
- NyC -
It's and yes they do sell 100% authentic Longchamp bags. I've ordered from them in the past and they're great.

The only problem I have with Nordstrom and like Saks for Longchamp is they don't offer the variety of bags that They have so many more colors and styles.


Dec 25, 2008
Hi there,

I was surfing around and chanced upon this online store. They sell longchamp bags which I am interested to get. Anyone know if their merchandise are authentic?

This is the website

Thanks in advance


Mar 14, 2009
Hi! Questions like this need to be posted in "Authenticate This" forum. Good luck!

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Dec 20, 2008
I've shopped there before. Took a little while to ship, but they are legit. There's plenty of info on the site. They have a brick-and-mortar of a store in NY.


Mar 2, 2011
Beware of Longchamp bags from
I just wanted to share my shady shopping experience with you all. I normally don't post on forums, but I am appalled at the quality of the Longchamp bag I received from magnums, especially after reading so many glowing reviews on this website.

After researching and reading the almost unanimously positive reviews of on this forum, I went ahead and bought a medium Longchamp Pliage bag in beige. When it arrived, it looked and felt nothing like my two other authentic Pliage bags that I bought in Longchamp stores in France and Switzerland. In fact, the zipper and the buttons aren't even the same color hardware! See attachment: the zipper is pewter and the buttons are gold! I also noticed that the bag is not double-lined like my authentic Longchamps - it's only one layer of thick and rather stiff nylon.

There could be two reasons for the atrocious quality. The tag on the inside reads Made in China, and I am well aware that Longchamp is outsourcing production due to high demand. However, foreign made or not, Longchamp still maintains standards for its bags, no matter where they are made. I doubt that this bag, with its glaring deficiencies (most notably the hardware), would make it past Longchamp's factory quality controls, and then make it past a set of quality controls at Magnums. A more plausible explanation is that Magnums does not sell authentic Longchamp bags. Listen, I'm not against fakes (it's your choice), but I am against paying real prices for fake bags. I'm mad that I got duped into buying this bag for a high price, and although I will get a refund, it still hurts my pride to spend an additional $8 sending it back.

Either way, be warned of doing business with Magnums. Although their coupons may seem enticing, don't pay authentic prices for poor or fake bags.


Mar 2, 2011
i just ordered like 7pcs of Longchamp item from am trying to ask questions and sent it thru their email if their longchamp from paris and made in is the 3rd day so i am loosing patience finding some answers please help me...