Magnolia Question

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  1. I just recently found this forum after I saw a pic of a Magnolia and fell in love. I am so antsy to have a Treesje that I was thinking of buying a different bag because I couldn't find a Magnolia and I just wanted something.

    In the past few days I have seen a Black Shine and Oceano Magnolia for sale. I am seriously tempted by the Oceano as I love blue but I am not sure if I love the wrinkled leather. I really want a grey shine Magnolia because I think it really shows off the ruffles on the purse. I am afraid if I keep waiting to find a grey shine Magnolia that I will never get one. Should I keep waiting or just get the Oceano? They are just so hard to find.
  2. I have never seen a grey shine magnolia on any of the auction sites- they're sold out early and I have never seen one since. I am just saying it will be very tough to find a GS magnolia.
  3. ^^I agree with pigalle. I haven't seen one in ages. If you really have your heart set on a magnolia, I say get the oceano now and if you see grey shine down the line, you can sell the oceano.
  4. Go for the Oceano! It is TDF
  5. I love the wrinkled leather & I love all shades of blue so Oceano would be a colour I would get. It is a good idea to get it & if grey shine comes along, you can sell Oceano off to fund it.
  6. I've seen one Grey Shine Magnolia go up on ebay once, some time ago, but that was from a newbie seller with only stock pics. They do seem very, very rare, and like pigalle said, they sold out really quickly too. Oceano's gorgeous as well, though, so I'm with jc and pinkboudoir -- go for the Oceano now, and if Grey Shine comes along, use the Oceano to fund the Grey Shine.
  7. You might like the Mini Magnolia from LB?
  8. Thanks ladies. I was all set to buy the Oceano on Bonanzle but I couldn't access the site at work and when I got home it was already gone. :crybaby:
    I guess I learned that I should not wait. I saw the mini magnolia but I don't really want to pay $500 for a color that I don't love. I guess I will just keep waiting. Maybe they will release the Magnolia again next Fall.
  9. Aww, sorry you missed it! I'm sure another will pop up at some point.
  10. Sorry you missed the bag.. magnolia is getting very hard to find now. There is a black one on
  11. I got the Oceano, but really wanted the Grey Shine. I ended up re-homing the Oceano because I didn't care for the wrinkles. If you really want the GS, hold out. One will turn up eventually. Good luck!