Magnolia or Quarzo?


Magnolia or Quarzo?

  1. Magnolia

  2. Quarzo

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  1. I apologise in advance for this extremely frivolous thread, but it's 6:30pm on a Friday evening, so I'm all ready to be silly and welcome the weekend :p

    I wanna get either a Magnolia or Quarzo mobile phone straps (prolly the shortest one) to match my phone! Both pinks are TOOOO cute, so I MUST have one, even though I don't need one :yes:

    Here's my phone, so y'all can vote armed with better knowledge. Do you think a Magnolia or Quarzo mobile phone strap would match my phone better? TIA!

  2. Magnolia is a better match but it would blend in rather than stand out, which Quarzo would. Magnolia is also very light, thus it would dirty faster too. So, blend or pop? High maintanence or easier care? My choice? Pop.

    I agree the braided straps are adorable! I am tempted to get one too, just can't decide on the colour or length yet. In fact, one of the SA even suggested I get the long lanyard length kind so I could hang the strap on the outside of the bag while keeping the phone inside the bag. This would make it much easier and not to mention faster in reaching the phone. Cute, yeah?

    TGIF :jammin:
  3. Both colors are so pretty but the magnolia is TDF.
  4. miss piggy: that would def look cute!!
    boxermom: Magnolia is really pretty :tender:

    Ladies, ladies! 2 votes for each colour! How is a girl to make up her mind like that? :p
  5. I think Magnolia would match better with your phone. Magnolia is beautiful!

  6. [​IMG]

    I'd go for the Magnolia, as assuming the colour of koukanamiya's beautiful Quarzo bag has photographed accurately; I think the Quarzo, although gorgeous, might clash slightly.
  7. Quarzo would pop more and get less dirty IMo
  8. Magnolia
  9. I think Magnolia would get dirty easier. Quarzo would look nice.
  10. I'm leaning towards Magnolia too... Just worried about how I'm gonna keep it looking pristine.

    I'm never good with light coloured things :s
  11. I just bought the quarzo large veneta because it's my favorite pink - I think it goes with pretty much anything and can also be a Fall bag. The first day I wore it (yesterday) I got 4 compliments! I :heart: this bag!
  12. Love the Magnolia with your phone!!
  13. Still such a tight race! BV's really got us good with their pinks! :p