Magnolia Montaigne on Bluefly right now!

  1. As of this minute, it's still available. Someone mentioned wanting this specific bag, and here it is at 20% off.
  2. Oh my!!! I'm a day late! its goneeee!!
  3. ohh my ohh myyy!!!btw thank you so muccchhh! I hope it will be there again...
  4. ^^Keep watching this weekend. Often they pop back up! :flowers:
  5. I was hoping a tPFer had snagged it! It actually disappeared and reappeared about 4 times yesterday, so keep checking the site - they seem to bounce from cart to cart.
  6. oh my.. I'm pretty busy this week and can not watch it avery five minutes!
  7. There are a ton of new bags posted on bluefly tonight. There is a peony Ball Bag that I think is just to die for! I have to restrain myself! Something about pink lately!
  8. ^^I know, i'm dying for a pink wallet!
  9. ^^The Pink Fairy's been visiting me, too. Never even really cared for pink before, and now it's taken over my brain in a most unruly way. Starting to lust after Kou's Quarzo Montaigne....
  10. Hi y'all - I'm new to tpf, but i came across this thread, and well, I think I'm the one who bought this montaigne you're talking about! It just arrived today, and it is (ignoring a few stitching imperfections)absolutely the most fabulous bag.
  11. ^^^^Congrats, naling! It's such a gorgeous color. Do you have other BV's? And welcome to the Purse Forum--I hope you enjoy it here.
  12. No, this is my FIRST! I was so excited about it...actually, I'm still giddy when I think about it.
  13. ^^^when I have money they are NEVER up on Bluefly lol!

    I'm glad for you, naling. I'll bet just looking at the color makes you happy.
  14. naling, can you post some pictures?

    I'm thinking about getting one too. But I'm kind of nervous with the light color and the softness of the leather.

    What do you think of the bag after you wear it for a couple days?