Magnolia Medium Veneta on Bluefly!

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  1. Oh please don't tempt me!! I am trying to be good!
  2. gone :sad:

    anyway, i wish it was the large size
  3. just curious how much was it (the medium v) on bluefly? price is gone once the item's sold out.

    Sammy7737 - would you happen to recall?
  4. ^^^I saw it briefly today and believe it was $1008, already reduced.
  5. Yep, $1008, with the 20% off code it would come out to $806.40.
  6. Oh wow! That's an AWESOME price!

    Did a PFer get it?!
  7. Wow what a great price!!! That would just be too good of a deal, hope a tPFer got it!