Magnolia copy

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  1. I was searching google this morning online because I saw this leather ruffle purse yesterday that I fell in love with but couldn't figure out the designer and so I'm doing my search and in the search results was a Wilson's Candice purse but it looked exactly like the Magnolia so I clicked on it and it's an outright copy of the Magnolia. I know there are "inspired by" looks but I can't really visually tell the difference between my magnolia the copy. Crazy!
  2. OMG, this is a blatant copy, it looks exactly same as Magnolia, YUCK!!
  3. yep that's the nature of the fashion industry. I guess if anything does well enough it's bound to get copied. I'm really not attracted to their version at all.
  4. eck! looks like it, yet i''m not attracted. it's all in the details ladies.
  5. I left a bad review, haha.
  6. Designers with the size and resources actually do take actions against the trademark violations- I believe Coach sued Target multiple times for carrying Coach copies (or similar designs)....Small designers on the other hand probably don't have enough resources to do sad.
  7. Wow! That's both amazing and ugly.
  8. Wow, crazy!
  9. Not cool.

    Also, not attractive.
  10. That's just the way things are nowadays. A few months ago I saw an outrageous Asher copy in an Irish fashion store. It was available in various colours for 38 euros or something like that. Not leather of course. Before that it was a Valentino Histoire copy.
  11. That's awful :tdown:

    The only difference I see is the handles, but besides that it looks the same :sad:
  12. If you read down in the description it says "faux leather exterior." Pleather. About a year or two ago Wilson's Leather switched from selling mostly leather bags to very shabby pleather ones. Lots of stuff from Kathy Van Zeeland.
  13. I saw that at Wilsons yesterday when I went in for some TLC spray. I touched it and it felt gross.
  14. So unattractive! :bagslap:
  15. That is horrible, maybe someone who likes the look of it will seek the inspiration and end up with an Asher. Too bad the the copycats aren't required to add to the description, "Inspired by the Treesje Asher."