Magnificant box

  1. speaking about the box leather...
    I have the pleasure to give a new home for a well loved Plume 32 in black box.
    I am honestly fascinated about the is beautifully shiny with a touch of elegance!
    It has some minor corner wear which i could cover with meltonian creme..BUT...i am so amazed of this bag that i am somehow really afraid to use it!!!
    I read all the threads about box as an everyday leather as well i am aware of the reconditioning WHATS WRONG WITH ME????
    Anyone else felt like me?
    Any medicine????PLEASE!!!!
  2. MissM: congrats on your beautiful, beautiful Plume!
    Use it! Unless you drag it across the floor (which you won't), you cannot do any damage to the bag by using it. Just enjoy her, scratches are the inevitable side-effect of having a bag in box leather. But the scratches don't matter, they blend in and give patina.
    Use your bag and enjoy it! And don't forget to bring her next time you come here!
  3. LOL! You're definitely not alone. Box is so precious, isn't it? But after consulting friends and my store, I realised that the longer I do no use my Box Calf bags, the longer I will have to wait before the patina shows. And that's not what I want. I can't wait for the patina to show for ALL my Box Calf bags.

    I find that the newer the Box Calf i.e. the stiffer it is, the easier it is to get scratches on it.

    I recently brought my Graphite Box Birkin to my store to have some superficial fine scratches buffed. It was amazing how the craftsman managed to make the scratches recede into the leather. And these scratches, although still visible if I look hard, I know I will need its patina to hide them away completely. Not sure if I am making any sense here in my description.

    If I can find something to polish my Box Calf everyday, I will be delighted!
  4. You have scratch-phobia. Every first time box owner gets it, then you get your first scratch and get over it pretty quickly.
  5. just Love That Bag Up!!!
  6. It´s just a fabulous, elegant leather, now wonder you´ve gone gaga for it! Pics of Plume, pretty please.
  7. Here she is:
    plume 32.jpg
  8. MissM, that Plume is TD4!! Bags are meant to be used and loved. Go have fun with her!
  9. Wow.... GORGEOUS! I say love her, and just know she'll get some bumps and scratches along the way (like we people do!) but she'll patina them out later. Sometimes I wish *I* was box lol

    Hello, can you refurbish my butt please? Good as new? Ok that sounds good, thank you I'll take it! :graucho:
  10. :roflmfao: with box leather of course this is almost truly does recondition so beautifully, go ahead and take the leap and enjoy your beautiful new baby! :tup:
  11. :nuts::nuts: OMG that is a beautiful plume!! Congratulations, missmarbella - and don't be afraid to use it, as others have said, those scratches are all part of the process.
  12. She's beautiful, Missmarbella! Me love box!! :heart::heart::heart:

  13. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! Welcome to the Box Club!!!! I'm a BIG fan of Box calf KELLYBAG says, LOVE IT UP!!!!
  14. My box kelly is over 40 years old-and the leather is so rich looking. Wear ur bag often and enjoy it!!!
  15. How lovely - I too love box so very classic.