Magnetic eyelashes

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  1. I have been seeing ads for MAGNETIC EYELASHES
    anyone else see this
    Anyone buy them
    Anyone use them
    Opinions please
  2. I'm curious about them too. I've seen some demo's on you tube, some have luck with them and some don't, but I would also like to hear from someone here that tried them. I'm considering getting eyelash extensions, but having glue that close to the eye can't really be good - even after it dries. It just makes me magnetic lashes might be good.......if they work.
  3. I just tried mine today from Beautytrendz. They were very flat and did not fit the curvature of the eye. I had a really hard time putting them on and they do not look natural. I also have really short eyelashes so that exacerbated the problem. Save your money ladies and go with falsies or extensions.
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  4. Thanks for the intel! I will pass on them.
  5. they are weird! I'm not saying that I'm kind of a big fan of extension but at least they look natural while magnetic ones not besides, the edge is not close to the eye, so that it's very noticeable that differential "line" which separates them from your own lashes. I don't personally think that would be a breakthrough in the beauty industry and they can replace extension, they can be some kind of substitute, but I don't think they worth it.
  6. Thanks for posting your reviews. I'm going to pass on them as well now
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