Magnetic Closures on Garnet Stopped Working


Apr 5, 2009
About a month and a half ago, my mother purchased a Large Black Leather Garnet from the outlet. Within a week of using it, the magnets stopped working on her bag. Our outlet doesn't have any in stock so she was just going to keep it despite this issue because she loves it so much. However, IMO, a bag this new shouldn't have any such issues and I was able to convince her to send it in for repair.

Has anyone else had this problem with their Garnet(s)? I'm asking because I purchased a Large Leather Mahogany the same weekend. I haven't used mine yet and wanted to see if anyone else has either experienced this issue or heard of it before I snip the tag. I love mine to death but I'd rather return her if this is a common problem than use her and have to send her in for repair. TIA.


May 21, 2008
By The Ocean
I have been using my garnet at least one or twice a week since Jan I haven't had any problems (yet). I did notice that one side was not connected the other day, I just maneuvered it so they connected again - so far no re-occurrence.


Jun 13, 2009
Are you sure it's the magnet? My large black garnet won't stick but it's not because of the magnet it's because the opening is bowed a bit so it's not connecting like it did new. It doesn't bother me because I always use the turnlock and it doesn't look bad. It's just not not super straight like new.


Jul 23, 2009
I actually had that same magnet problem with my large maggie in gunmetal. After only a few times using it, I noticed that one side would just not close anymore--you barely felt the connection when you put the magnetic closure together.

I took the bag back to the FP boutique from which I bought it, and they returned it to Coach for repair. I did have to pay the $20 shipping fee, but the bag came back about one month later and they repaired the magnet somehow.

Good luck with your bag--I think you should bring it back as well for repair if it bothers you!


Jan 14, 2008
Like someone just posted she probably demagnitized it somehow and it just needs to be remagnitized.