Magnetic closures in wallets ruin????

  1. I wanted to purchase a wallet that has a magnetic closure but was wondering if the strong magnets could possibly damage or erase or ruin the magnetic strips on bank/credit/identification and other cards if they get near the magnetic closures?
    Does anyone know for sure?
    (looking at the hobo international lauren one, to be exact)
  2. I've heard other people complain that the magnetic closures in their purses demagnetized their train pass, but I've never had an issue myself. To be honest, even though I haven't had a problem with magnets so far, I wouldn't risk it by buying a wallet with a magnetic closure. :nogood:
  3. Magnets will ruin cards.... My husband has wrecked several hotel door keys when wearing a magnetized name badge.
  4. A magnetized name badge is EXTREMELY strong so I am not suprised.

    However I have never heard complaints about magnetized buttons in wallets ruining credit cards or the such. Train passes use RFID and I guess would be a little more sensitive. Interesting subject... its never occured to me. Anybody else have problems?
  5. Thanks.
    Still uncertain.
    Should I have titled this differently? Perhaps: Hobo International Lauren magnet question?
  6. I just answered in another thread, that I once ruined a bank card because of a magnetic closure. That's a reason why I am afraid of buying a certain Hobo wallet. :sad:
  7. I work at a bank and know that several of our customers have had their cards ruined by magnets on wallets. So yeah, it happens.
    I have no idea about the wallet in question though.
  8. Not all train tickets are rfid, unfortunately, but here's good news about Bay Area Rapid Transit:

    BART planning tickets that resist magnets
    Rachel Gordon, Chronicle Staff Writer
    Tuesday, February 12, 2008
    BART management hopes to limit the havoc that those dastardly magnets can cause with fare cards.
    The plan is to upgrade the magnetic stripes on the tickets, which should make it harder to erase the electronic record of a fare card's value. And that should mean fewer inconvenienced riders, officials said.
    On Thursday, the BART board will consider a $3.7 million contract to purchase 180 million plastic tickets. Once the fare gates and ticket machines are reprogrammed, the new tickets would use a different kind of magnetic stripe and be less prone to damage by an iPod, cell phone, purse clasp or other device that contains a magnet. The retrofit isn't expected to be completed until November.
  9. Anything can interact with anything - hotel passes can be ruined by your bank card or a credit card. Your swipey for work can screw up your bank card. Etc. Get this though.

    In our basement we have a game room with a pool table and all that. We also put a tap in the side of the drink fridge for a kegerator. Next to the tap we put a wall bottle opener. Under that opener there is a giant metal block. When you flip a little switch its magnetized - enough to hold all the caps that fall from the opener. It can hold about 350 caps before the weight pulls them off. Unfortunately a friend was wearing a crossbody bag with all her cs's, metro pass, etc. When she opened her beer. It damaged all but one of the card in her purse and then REVERSE POLARIZED the magnet on her wallet, so that it wont close but actually flings itself open violently when you try to close it! Its hilarious. Not sure if that helps you in anyway, but I thought it was hilarious (after she managed to get everything fixed of course!)