Magnetic Closure Not Working!

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  1. Hi Ladies!

    My mom bought the Ebano Intrecciato small campana bag about a month ago from the store in the airport in Taipei. She hadn't used it at all but yesterday when she took it out the magnetic closure in the middle barely stayed together! We can't find the receipt to take it in under the warranty. Do you think we would be in BV's computer system so they can either fix it for free or exchange it? Thank you! I did a search and didn't see a similar thread.
  2. It should be in the computer system. But, she should ask the folks at the store in Taipei for a duplicate receipt. She may need that receipt again for insurance purposes or some other reason.
  3. Thank you jburgh! I wish she could but we're living in the states - maybe she can next time she goes back to Taiwan :smile:
  4. The magnet on mine is quite weak and hardly ever stays connected but I think part of the reason for that is the connected strap in the bag should have been designed about a half inch longer so it would sag out of the way. It is pretty much right in the way of the magnet unless it's empty and I don't carry very much. That being said, even when the bag is empty the magnet is not a strong one in the least.
  5. Can she email/snail mail them and ask them to send here a duplicate?

    Given what BL just posted, it may be moot.
  6. Like BL, my strap also is in the way and prevents my magnetic closure from working. If I don't secure the strap, the magnet holds but it's not a strong closure.
  7. Thanks BL and LLA! It's good to know that! Does it stay pretty secure? My mom's used to zippers and not really the magnetic closure.

    I wonder if I should still stop by and see if I can get a duplicate receipt.
  8. I don't over stuff mine and do keep the inside strap connected and feel the contents are quite secure. I do love the bag very much. I:biggrin:

    Wouldn't hurt to have a receipt just in case for the future should anything arise even if you decide you don't have an issue now.
  9. oh my mom's large camapana has the same problem, it doesn't work, empty and full. I think BV has to do to QC when it comes to this...
  10. Drat - it just seemed like the closure worked way better at the store!
  11. It is not unusual to have a magnet lose strength because of accidental demagnetizing. Especially those whose strength is not the best to begin with. Causes of a demag are jarring or heating a magnet, putting a magnet near AC current, You can re-magnetize a magnet using a strong rare earth magnet. However, you must be able to get the original magnets out of the purse.
  12. Now, is there anything that you don't know, jburgh?:biggrin:

    Funny, the magnetic closure of my campana, which I bought back in 2007, works just fine and the strap does not get in a way. It stays closed very well for me.

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  13. Mine is strong and works very well when empty but as soon as I put my few things in it it drapes and the slight pull puts the connector strap in the way and makes the contact of the magnet difficult and therefore weak. I don't carry very much. That being said, I love the bag and its not an issue. :biggrin:
  14. I can't figure out if we accidentally demagnetized it or if it was weak to begin with - maybe I should stop by the store to get a copy of the receipt and to just have them check it out?