Magnetic Attraction

  1. Who does Hermes attract demographically? I believe it is anyone who has the knowledge and money. What do you think?
  2. Maybe I've just gone looney, but IMO in the US Hermes seems to be most popular in the northern regions- a lot of us are from the upper East Coast, the Bay area, and the Midwest/Michigan compared to other forums like LV that seeem to have a lot of people from So Cal, Texas, and the lower east coast.
  3. That's good info. because I'm from the Southwest.
  4. I don't think it's geographic, I think it's good taste!
  5. I think it's more about preferences:yes:
    I think I have good taste, I have "the knowledge" and I can afford Hermes but don't prefer it. So by default, I can't agree w/ it being that only people w/ $ and good taste like it.
    I think like every other brand, it's about personal preference.
  6. Well I am not rich in the money sense
    but wealthy in experience
    I like Hermes and save up for items
    but its not the only designer I like and I would hate to just wear Hermes would be too boringly classic for me. ( that me personally )
  7. Interesting question...I wonder if Hermes has done this research ( I am SURE they have, it is a business, after all) and have opened boutiques in places that they deem will get them the most access to those that want it.

    Well, that's what comes to my mind when I go to and look at the store locator map...
  8. I agree. My friends who have good taste and money but they are not into hermes.:yes:
  9. I certainly never meant that a dislike of Hermes implied bad taste. It was a lighthearted remark in light of the fact that it didn't think it was geographic.
  10. At least in LA, Hermes is pretty common - and especially among Asian women. I do think, though, that if this board is at all representative, it seems like H is much more popular on the East Coast. Perhaps it's because it's less ostentatious than other brands like LV?
  11. I'm not yet financially at the place where I can afford Hermes on a regular basis. But, I've always liked beautiful items, even if I could only appreciate them from a distance. If I can only have one Hermes bag in my life, it will be my dream Bolide. :smile: One of the things that I like about H is that whether you have to scrimp and save to get your bag or you are lucky enough where cost is not an option, everyone has such beautiful taste. It really is a state of mind. :smile:
  12. Yes! I agree! :yes:
  13. I don´t really have the money but I looove H:p
  14. I don't know, although I do know trend-wise Paris and Hawaii sell the most bags, worldwide.

    We did a survey a long time ago on the H sub-forum, and it seemed that half the active members here are Scorpios, though. Interesting.
  15. Well off course they do research! The three shops in belgium are Knokke, Brussels, and Antwerp. Antwerp is a mega fashion city, Brussels is our capital city and the shop is on the richest street here. Knokke is like the hamptons in belgium. So I'm not expecting a shop any day here, in my plain old simple city, altough I spotted an evelyne at the supermarket once :smile: But that's also the only time I went there so who nows... :smile: