Magical Pant.....Earnest Sewn

  1. Does anyone else have these jeans???? First of all...they are magical because I ALWAYS wear a size 28....and when I bought these...I had to go down to a size 26:biggrin: , and every time that I wear them, people tell me how skinny I look, and ask if I've been working out....anyone else have the same resuults with these wonderful jeans?????
  2. Ooooh, I don't have any experience, but if designers were smart they'd ALL do this!
    Everything should 'run big' so we can wear a size smaller! LOL!
    Maybe I'll check 'em out!
  3. SAme here!!! Especially these past few weeks... I NEED a pant like that!!!!!!
  4. wow! which line is it. i need a pair like that too.
  5. Actually, some places do that.

    It's a marketing ploy. You make your jeans not run true to size. Make a size 4 into a size 2-- the logic behind it is that woman will buy jeans from a store where they can buy a size smaller than they really are-- but in reality they're still a size 4.

  6. now is that not a creative marketing ploy? you increase your sales while making us feel really good? now why did not i think of that:graucho:
  7. The name of the jeans is Earnest Sewn. I am assuming they sell them in the States:huh: , it would be somewhere like Neimans, I think. Anyway, yes it is nice to fool one's own self into feeling skinnier...but a lot harder task to fool other people:graucho: ....the first time that I wore them, and someone commented on how skinny I looked, i didn't think much of it....but it happens EVERY time:biggrin: ....and I swear I don't work for the company!!!
  8. I'm panting over here!!! What style is it? Is it the Hefner?
  9. Shop Etc. magazine actually did an article on this some time ago. They used a true size 8 fit model to try on pants at different stores to see the discrepancies in size. Banana republic was one of them that I can remember. Most of the stores screwed w/ the sizes to make us feel better about ourselves.
  10. Just checked...and yes it is the Hefner!!:biggrin:
  11. it's called vanity sizing (to make the consumer feel like she has gone down a size or two).
    these jeans sound promising though! i should check them out.
  12. I actually hate the brands that do that! I wish they'd all pick one sizing chart and stick to it! Apparently the only sizes that haven't changed are couture, like wedding dresses and stuff... which is why lots of girls go into shock when they find out they wear a size 4 or 6 in street clothes and have to order a size 12 wedding dress! And also when they tell people that Marilyn Monroe was a size 12, that means she was more like a 6 in our every day clothes now because sizes have changed so much. Hehee vanity sizing makes me so mad, I could rant on about it forever. I just want to know what size I am so I can buy clothes instead trying on 20 dozen pairs of pants!
  13. Blue824, I agree! I dislike vanity sizing too! My weight hasn't changed in years but because the sizes are getting larger and larger I have the worst time finding clothes that fit...I either but high end designer items or I've had to start buying some of my casual clothing from the juniors department...its so frustrating...i think someone mentioned banana republic? their sizing system is huge...their size 0 is simliar to a 4 elsewhere.
  14. ^^yeah, I hate vanity sizing too. It gives this false sense of "smallness" then, like Blue824 says, when you have to buy a formal dress you realize that you're not so small afterall, but that the chain stores have been trying to delude you. In Express, for example, I was a size zero for about eight years. That's great and all, but the one problem is that during that eight years, I gained about fifteen pounds. hmmm.

    I have heard great things about Earnest Sewn though, and am very eager to try them out!! Thanks for the advice annemerrick:smile:
  15. Thanks annemerrick. I went right to Revolve and ordered the Hefner Milk in 26 so I will keep my fingers crossed. I had actually ordered these in a 28 some time ago and they were too big so I ordered a 27 and they sent the wrong ones, so now they were down to a single pair in the Milk wash, so we shall see if they are my destiny!

    I too hate the Vanity sizing because it makes it all the more difficult to order anything online. But thanks to the PF I've grown more willing to buy and return if something isn't right.