Magical May Purchases

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  1. I apologize if there is already a May thread however I didn’t see one so I made one.

    This baby just got delivered. My new favorite bag!!!!:yahoo:
  2. beautiful LV - congrats!
  3. I’m a little late to the party, but I’m here! Snagged the PSM last week stalking the website and got lucky :yahoo: The new exposed zipper is so easy to use :biggrin:

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  4. here’s mine B3B8CA60-7BF2-4F1A-AD56-502BF0F248E3.jpeg
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  5. Right now, color is life. I just scored this stunning pre-loved Sofia Coppola bb in Clementine. This bag got on my radar a couple of years ago but I only saw it in the PM size and never in this delicious super saturated shade of orange that I have always wanted. When I saw it in bb, I jumped on it. I just love it and am so thrilled to have such a supple yet structured full leather bag from LV. It’s just a little bit smaller than my speedy 25 which is the perfect size for me. Sorry for pic overload.
    ED6C7B46-1125-428F-979F-6B7537F1EDF7.jpeg 327BD667-012B-46A9-9C36-B62F1C78229B.jpeg 1E6147A9-E96C-49BA-B2F2-6C15622A0B30.jpeg 33786672-41C9-40A0-9B42-8AE6E0EAF375.jpeg 6927E4F0-D37C-4E46-9BC7-3060BEFE3C6E.jpeg
  6. that is stunning :loveeyes::loveeyes:
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  7. This is just gorgeous especially in your mod shot. I think we have the same great taste in discontinued beauties (saw this last week or so before it was quickly sold out, lol, just like I saw that gorgeous figue cardholder — did you get it? :lol:). I think the BB is the only SC that would work on me since I am petite (and I think they only made the BB in a few colors). Anyways, Congrats and Enjoy :smile:

    PS still drooling over your Figue Noe BB :smile:
  8. Omg. Love everything. :nuts:
    I’ll show mine once I stalk and get it. :lol:
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  9. Thank you so much. :flowers:

    Thank you sweetie. LOL! LV needs to come out with these colors in a current collection so we can be bag twins. So sucks that we can get these only if we come across them pre-loved. Hope you can find some colorful beauties soon @Iamminda.
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    Gorgeous! It really is beautiful pop of colour, Congrats!
  11. Congrats on your new beauty!
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  12. :heart:
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  13. Fabulous bag , I have one and I love it too!
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  14. All gorgeous goodies everything! So excited to see more! Keep them coming!
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  15. Hey fyn! Did you see the ‘gold coast’ escale pastel OTG tote on foxylv’s instagram? I thought of you straight away! And apparently they only made 12???
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