Magical May 2019 Purchases

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  1. Hi all, yep we’ve changed to another month believe it or not. Into May and nearly mid year. As we get older, it all goes so fast, not like when we were kids and Christmas would take forever to roll around. Well this month is Mother’s Day, so looking forward to seeing all the goodies during received. Can’t wait. Hope May brings lots of magical and fantastic goodies for everyone.!!
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  2. Yes! Happy mother’s day to all of you crazy superwomen.
  3. I looked at the date & was like???? What??? May 1st already in Oz!! :nuts: I've lost track of time & dates! :oh:
  4. It's the end of the semester for us academics!!!
    :drinks: YAY :yahoo:
  5. Ahem..."almost." :hrmm:
  6. Here we go...
    Great start to my birthday month. After 3 months wait, I’m super excited to bring this baby home today. Will share a proper post later. IMG_5425.JPG
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  7. Gorgeous, great bday pressie. Happy birthday!
  8. Thank you, not til month’s end but I celebrate all month and spoil myself [emoji170]
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  9. this is a beautiful bag, but I don't see it enough, I and many here would love to see mod shots :smile:
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  10. I have been seeking a Pochette Accessories for agesss and calling up customer services non stop but today I thought I’d text and ask my SA if she could help source one, and bingo they had one in my local store! Picked it up today and love it

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  11. Got it last week so technically April end purchase. Loveee it!
    8B616656-5F7B-4C7A-B600-387BAF0EEB1D.jpeg F4FD8205-5E66-4A64-BAAD-F7A601791654.jpeg 322B346B-8074-468F-AC5E-1B21C2301182.jpeg
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  13. Hi! I’m new here :smile:
    My first LV purchases: I bought the bag, my husband bought the Kirigami set as a Mother’s Day present! I’m so so in love!

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  14. A8D34810-4FA3-4038-A05F-DE96CDCC7E76.jpeg My first soft trunk by Virgil Abloh. I like the gold hardware better than the matte ones from his spring/ summer season as I know these won’t get scratch or loosing color.
  15. Love this: is material denim?
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