magic shave powder?

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  1. there is a thread over in the beauty bar about the i am wondering if it's safe to use while pregnant...or do any of you ladies use nair or wax strips? im not only talking about the bikini area, but arm pits and legs. it seems that since i have been pregnant i am getting a lot more ingrown hairs and razor's aggravating. i have slacked off on the shaving :yuck: but im tired of being all itchy even after i moisterize. you all have any other tips?
  2. I have a major problem with ingrowns around my bikini area since becoming pg. I would love to hear advice as well.
  3. I'm not pregnant but I epilate. I LOVE it because I can do it in between waxing, I get very few ingrown hairs, and after the first time (which hurts pretty bad) it doesn't really hurt too terribly bad.

    For legs and underarms-I have the panasonic epiglide that can be used in or out of the shower

    and for my bikini area I have the bliss bikini perfect that comes with a ton of different attachments including a trimmer, razor, and epilator

    I posted 2 examples on ebay but you get get the panasonic one at brookstone and the bliss one at sephora.

    Just remember, the first time hurts but after that the hair just kind of falls out and grown back thinner.
  4. I get waxed but don't have any ingrown hairs. There is no way i could do it myself.
  5. yay!! hubby bought some for me last i will try it out in the next few days.
  6. I usually get waxed too but I get ingrowns now...
  7. i don't want to start off waxing while pregnant...i read that it's a lot more sensitive down there...and that it hurts a lot worse.

    my legs seem to be the worst at getting the ingrown hairs and the razor really sucks too. im excited to try out the powder stuff!
  8. This is all very individual - I continue waxing and it doesn't feel worse or better at all.

    I'd prefer something "magic" though, but don't think they sell this shave powder in drug stores/health shops in the UK..
  9. we used it and i think it works GREAT! we did dh's down there parts and they came out smooth as a baby's bottom. i did my arm pits and legs...arm pits didn't have that great of an effect [i don't think the hairs were long enough, i just shaved them the other day] my legs are pretty smooth. i have noticed they are dry, but they are dry after i shave, so i just need to moisturize them.

    all in all i give it 2 :tup:
  10. Ilovepinkhearts,

    How long does the skin stay smooth?

    It''ll be more uncomfortable for me to get the bikini waxes these last 5 weeks so I'm contemplating purchasing a tin off the Amazon UK website, even though the delivery is whopping 7,5 pound sterling!
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    all the other ladies on the beauty bar says it depends on how fast your hair grows back. so it's like using nair, but no where near as stinky or as painful. dh said he felt a slight burn/tingle but nothing like nair. i will respond back after a few days and let you know how quickly the hair grows back.

    **oh and just tips if you want to use it, you need to mix the powder in a glass bowl/cup using a plastic spoon. you want it to be a little bit more runny than toothpaste but not too runny, you don't want it to drip. we used about 3 tsp of powder and that was plenty to do his down there parts and his neck. it takes quite a bit if you are going to do your legs...about 8-9 tsp. you need to spread it on kinda thick and let it sit for about 5-7 mins [no longer than 8] do a test at 5 mins and if you see results it's time to take it off. you will need an old credit card of some sort [wash it first] and you scrape against the the way the hair grows. you also need a spray bottle to spray the mixture with, because it does dry out and makes it hard to scrape off. and if you have some stray hairs you can shave them...and it's recommended that you wait 36 hrs before using it again. [we applied and scraped it off while standing in the shower. some ppl said that it left spots on their floor or on the tub where it landed, we didn't notice any of that. others stated that it's very strong in odor. he bought the kind with vitamin e in it and it didn't smell bad to me at all]
  12. great thread...I have to do something because now I can't really see to do anything myself ha ha ha. I need to get waxed again I think (I haven't in years) by one of those lovely ladies or get DH to help (which scares me big time).

    ilovepinkhearts- where did you get it?
  13. you can get it at walgreen's, cvs, target, wal-mart, it's in the hair care/shaving products. it would be in the ethnic hair care products. it's made for black men to use on their faces. dh is going to try it on his face as soon as his hair is long enough. i will try it on my bikini area as soon as the hair is long enough.

    it's been about 12 hrs and my legs are still as smooth as when i did it. after i shaved if i got goosebumps my legs would get prickly. so far so good!! im really loving it and it's so cheap.

    your dh should be able to help you with no issues. all you do is mix it and spread it on wait about 5-7 mins and then scrape it chance of a nick or a cut. just be careful and keep it out of...well ummm you know, and try not to let it get on your "hooded friend". they said on the other board that it's safe to do a full brazilian [if you want it all gone] and you can use vaseline on the sensitive areas to keep them protected.
  14. ^^^wow thanks Danielle. If I can not get it here in Canada I will jump over the boarder to grab some.

    The funny part about DH helping is he would be more interested in "playing" I love him to death but the guy is like a horny teen/kid because he is silly and can't keep his hands off lol