Magic Mike

  1. I just have to ask....why?
  2. This was def a "FUN" movie to see with a group of girl friends! This was the first movie I've ever seen with Channing Tatum and OMG he is hot! This movie made me want to go out after but too bad I'm pregnant!

    Channing Tatum can freaking dance OMG! Now I have to go watch all the other movies he plays in.

    The entire theater was filled! & they did have 3 husbands there, poor guys! I would have never brought the DH, this was def a movie night for friends ONLY!
  3. Oh, no reason. :peace:
  4. These comments are freakin hilarious! I'm gonna see this soon.
  5. Just don't expect a movie that's Oscar worthy lol, I feel like a lot of people wanted nothing but dancing and were disappointed that there was another storyline to it LOL On other boards people are like don't waste your money, it sucks etc...
  6. I thought the movie was just ok. :push:
    I felt it was far too long. A couple even walked out.
  7. I thought the movie was just ok. :push:
    I felt it was far too long. A couple even walked out.
  8. :whistle:
  9. The dancing parts were really entertaining, but I also found it annoying when they would cut to the audience faces and back to the stage. JUST FILM THE ENTIRE SHOW CONTINUOUSLY and the MEN! LOL

    Overall, it was a good movie, but I found myself a little bored at some parts because the back story was dull. More dance action and comedy would have been more entertaining.
  10. I have to see this. Just for the eye candy alone. Don't really care about a plot. Although I think the lead actress should have been a lot hotter than what they chose.
  11. Maybe on the DVD they will have unedited scenes of the dancing.
  12. That would be a great stocking stuffer come Christmas.
  13. :graucho:
  14. Love this:


    :roflmfao: Thanks for the laughs!
  15. Haha! "Let's Go Peens"?

    Yeah, I guess that would be fitting for this thread.