Magic Eraser

  1. So I was curious about the Magic Eraser product ( aka melamine foam) and what it is and I found this. For those using it to clean purses keep in mind that it is a very fine ABRASIVE material that is essentially sanding off the stain.

    I'm not saying to not use it or to use it, but just to be aware that it is abrasive in nature. :smile:
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    (shocked sidenote, but that kind of makes my stomach turn ... )

    Melamine???? Ugh. That's what some crooks in China were using to taint the milk in baby formula (secretly watering the milk down, then adding powdered melamine so the final product would still 'test' high enough in protein as to be passed off as 'normal milk' --- leaving babies who took the tainted formula to either die or come out of it with damaged kidneys). Think I'm going to be sick now, and that pretty much kills any thoughts I'd ever had of buying one of those erasers. Thanks for the info.
  3. ^^ while I agree the baby food/pet food situations were deplorable, this is an entirely different formulation and product -- it was primarily used as insulation until someone discovered it worked for removing stains.

    Melamine is and has been for years, safely used in tons of products - Formica countertops, dishes, fabrics, glue, fertilizer, dry erase boards, Pigment Yellow 150 and a ton more common household items. Everyone probably has at least one thing in your hh made of melamine.
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    You don't understand -- it's a personal thing. I know full well that polymers are ubiquitous around us; I actually have a Phd in Theoretical Polymer Physics from Lehigh U. ;) But in this particular case, as I said, it's a personal thing that hits very close to home. I just didn't realize that magic eraser is nothing but a pile of melamine, until Bebe did the research.)
  5. It ruined my mom's coach hamptons bag, so be careful! :tdown:
  6. I used it once a teal leather bag. It took the color right off the bag and left a big white spot.
  7. Takes non washable crayon off can be pretty abrasive. I don't know if this is true but I thought I saw an article where someone used it to get permanent marker off of skin despite warnings on the box... and it caused burns... I am not surprised that it would ruin a bag!
  8. Great info ladies! Thanks
  9. I'm sorry that you felt I was insensitive; I merely thought it might be helpful for anyone who didn't have a degree in physics or wasn't an expert at using Google to know that while there is a connection scientifically, there is a huge difference and they wouldn't necessarily be contributing to a deplorable situation by using a Magic Eraser.
  10. I have never used it on a coach bag yet. But I have used it on a LV petite Noe and it worked wonders. It got rid of the water spots and dirt. Only thing is you will have to moisturize your bag a couple times after using this. I cut it into 1" cubes and dipped it into water not soaking it but making it more spongey. Then wiped area.

    If you do a search there are threads on how to use this product.
  11. I recently got a pen mark on my Julia scarf print zip around wallet. Magic eraser cleaned off the ink and the dirty spots on the white part of the print. Looks good as new now with no damage to the fabric.