Magic eraser to clean purses??!!

  1. It was mentioned in another thread that someone used magic eraser to clean a purse.:wtf: Can someone who has tried this give a little more info (the thread it was on was a different topic). I have a denim mark on a white bag that I have tried everything on, but I'm a little nervous about using magic eraser on leather. Any thoughts??
  2. Check out , they have good cleaners it seems - I just ordered! They have a testamonial on the home page that said a denim mark came off her cream color bag with a product they sell! Use code PF for 10% off!
  3. i have used the mr. clean and target brand magic erasers on my white muse and they've worked perfectly every time. when i travel, i keep one in a ziploc in the event i hit any scuffs along the way (sort of anal, i know).
  4. I used a Mr. Clean magic eraser on a smudges on an ivory DKNY bag, then followed up with LMB cleaner. Worked great!
  5. I have white coach bag fabric...I have the same problem..I used bleach pen the blue pen and it helped
  6. It worked like a miracle on a White Coach Mandy I have.
  7. If you can use it on LV vachetta, I would say it's OK to use on treated white leather. If you're worried, you could try testing it on an invisible spot of the bag, but I don't think it'll be a problem. I second the notion of conditioning the leather afterward. The gals who used it on their LVs said it did dry the leather a bit.

    If you search the LV forum, Twinkle.Tink posted some awesome before and after pics when she used the Magic Eraser on her Keepall. The results are quite amazing.
  8. Twinkle.Tink's pictures are amazing! I guess that answers my question! I'm getting some tomorrow:yes: