Magic Eraser or Leather Care for Locki-It Horizontal

  1. What is the best way to protect this new bag?

    Has anyone used Magic Eraser?? Some people have posted that you need to use Leather Restore or Apple Care conditioner after as it can take away some of the color and/or shine.
    Please help!
  2. If it is a brand new bag you do not need Magic Eraser. I do spray all my bags with a leather protector (Wilson's).

    Magic Eraser is the last resort for removing dirt. It is very HARSH on leather so a conditioner is needed after using it.
  3. ITA :yes:
  4. Wilson spray or apple guard.
    I have been using shining monkey and things have worked out well so far.
  5. :yes: . I sprayed the leather part of my new denim baggy pm. It rained two days ago and there are no water spots. :yahoo: