Magic Eraser Mr.Clean - How it worked for me

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  1. Well I've been reading on here for ages about Mr. Clean Magic Eraser by all you members that are in the USA. Over in the UK and Europe the only way i know we can get hold of them is by having them imported. I did consider this option for a little while because i really wanted to clean up my pre-loved LV bags, however it was a big cost if it didnt work or even worse RUINED my bags.

    So i did my research and came across a company called JML, id heard of them before they tend to produce items for around the home that are a bit wacky but very helpful.
    Well it turns out that they produce something similar called "JML Magic Eraser" and it's only £3.99 so i figured i'd give it a try. I had allready decided to try it on a small hidden part of my bag just incase it was a disaster.

    So heres the first set of pics.............

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  2. So I gave it a go and this is how it turned out. I started on my Petite Noé and advanced on to my Papillon 30.

    If you are going to give it a go i must stress that only wipe over the surface once in one direction otherwise i feel that spotting will occour and also you get an odd powdery film left behind.

    I think its best for keeping new vachetta light and clean but doesn't clean up old stains on well matured Vachetta. It deffinatly evened out the tone of my Vachetta and i love it even more now!

    Enjoy! I you have any questions feel free to PM me xxx

    Please remember this is just my experience. Think long and hard before putting anything on your LV!

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  3. Thanks for sharing
  4. I don't see any pictures... =(
  5. Thanks for this - was actually looking at this product yesterday and was wondering if it would be similar to the Mr Clean version.
  6. I am not a fan of the magic eraser, it really dries out the leather. Now you should condition the leather, especially since the bag is older. I never condition new leather on an LV, but in this situation I would!