magic eraser for inside?

  1. hey all!

    i just bought a "in good condition" MJ sophia in lilac (!!!) and the middle section is rather dirty; the seller said it was makeup.

    judging by the pictures, the bag looks good otherwise, but i was actually wondering whether a magic eraser would do the trick for cleaning the inside and outside, just to give it a sprucing up.

    any thoughts or advice?
  2. I had a friend buy a used Pale Pink MJ bag from eBay that had some stains on the corners. She used a Magic Eraser and it made a really big difference! I saw it before and after and was very surprised especially since it's such a light color.

    Also, I know there have been some Magic Eraser miracle threads in the LV forum. Members have been using it on the vachetta. You might want to research those first before you try. I know member twinkle.tink included some really great step-by-step pics in her thread. It might help give you an idea about what might happen.
  3. i had some dirt that smeared on the canvas interior of my striping bowler once. i used the tide pen on it and it came out. you can't even tell that anything was there. you might want to test it on a small corner first to make sure that the detergent won't stain or discolor the lining. if a magic eraser isn't good enough, you could always take it to a cleaner's.