Magic Bag ~ Help Please :-)

  1. Of the 3 sizes the Magic Bag comes in, what is the correct measurements for the Large/Grande bag, Fendi number 8BN145? Did Fendi make a Magic Zucca print bag about 19 inches wide, 10 inches high, 5 inches deep? Thanks for your help :smile:
  2. The large magic bags are approx. 14" (L) x 8" (H), I got that from Jomashop and it's the measurement for the Zucca Large Magic Bag.
  3. Thank you fuyumi :smile: Do you know if Fendi made a larger Magic bag about 19 inches wide, 10 inches high, 5 inches deep in the Zucca print at one time but maybe it was discontinued?
  4. I've got the smallest one. I'll post the dimensions when I get a chance.
  5. Here is an eBay auction by pinchrosemary of a Zucca Print Magic bag with the exact measurements I am asking about... 19 x 11 x 5

    The SA at the Fendi store told me the largest they have is model 8BN145 which is 14 wide ???

    Did/does Fendi make a 19 wide Magic bag? :confused1:

    Thank you.
  6. Mine is about 12-12.5" long by 7" high
  7. When I was in the store on 5th Avenue a couple of months ago, there were just the 2 sizes, not the really large one you're describing. Pinchrosemary sells authentic and so I guess they made a larger one at some earlier point, even though it wasn't recently in the store.
  8. I did not realize there was a size larger than "Large"...:shrugs: thanks for bringing it to our attention :wtf: !
  9. Baglady.1 ~ Apparently, (I'm still trying to confirm) the Magic Bag was made in 3 sizes:

    8BN143 = Small / 12 x 7

    8BN144 = Medium / 14 x 8

    8BN145 = Large/ 19x10

    Susan-eric ~ I inquired about the large Magic bag (8BN145) at the 5th Avenue, as well as, Manhasset stores. SA's at both Fendi stores told me they have never seen nor had in stock, the large bag :confused1:

    It appears the Large size (8BN145) may have been a department store exclusive (possibly Bloomingdales?). Anybody have a relationship with SA's at Bloomi's Fendi department that can help confirm this info?

    Kavnadoo and fuyumi, thank you for the measurements provided in your posts. They were very helpful and much appreciated :yes:
  10. I'm a little late responding, but I was at the Mall of America Bloomingdale's last week and saw this exact bag, definitely the 19" bag - it was huge and beautiful! :drool:

  11. UPDATE: After speaking with a "Jenny" at Fendi Customer Service - NYC, she did confirm the above information to be correct. That is, the Magic Bag is made in the above 3 sizes and these are the correct model numbers associated with each size.
  12. I think you don't need to worry too much anyway as pinchrosemary has a great reputation for selling authentic bags.