Magic Alhambra bracelet, 5 motifs

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  1. I have been searching for modelling pictures of the 5-motifs onyx & mop Magic Alhambra bracelet but couldn't find. May I ask if any tpf ladies have this style bracelet and don't mind sharing some photos please? I have a small wrist (14cm / 5.25") and am hesitating to get it, since it is 19cm (7.5") long. Thanks.

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  2. I have a small wrist too, but I got the chain shortened to fit my wrist. I must say, it look much better.
    However, mine is the white MOP in YG.
  3. Do you mind to post a modelling picture please? Thanks.
  4. I know you want a human modeling shot, but your request made me think of this photo by Instagram user
    katieks0427.... :smile:

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  5. I had this, but since I like to wear my Alhambra loose, the larger Motif kept falling to the bottom from the weight. I LOVE this bracelet, but it bugged me .

    If you do get it, wear it tight to your wrist to stop it. but I find the bracelets more elegant loose fitting.
  6. Yes that's exactly what I'm afraid of. Thanks for confirming my thoughts. Guess I will have to reconsider.
  7. it is soo gorgeous and stunning. It really is. Do you have any other Alhambra bracelets?

    How do you wear them? I like mine to drape over my hand. If you like the look, how about the necklace version or earrings?

  8. I love mine but with the bracelet shortened and I also use it a lot with my 20 motif vintage to have a really long necklace, no issues about weight or size of the big motif.
  9. I don't wear large earrings and I think the necklace is too 'grand' for my lifestyle. I am happy with my Magic Alhambra pendant for simple daily look.

    I don't have any Alhambra bracelets yet and I really would like to add 1 to my collection. I love the look of the 5-motifs Magic Alhambra bracelet because of the large dangle motif. As I'm wearing longsleeves most days of the year, I think it would be nice to wear a bracelet that can still be seen, peeking out of my sleeve if you know what i mean. Of course, I am also considering the Vintage Alhambra 5-motifs bracelet either in onyx or carnelian, love both colors. It would be great if I could have both onyx and carnelian to stack, but I don't think it makes sense to wear 2 under my longsleeves clothes. It's a tough decision. This is an expensive purchase and I really hope I can have one that I can enjoy wearing almost everyday.

    May I ask what is the length of your shortened bracelet? My wrist is 5.25", what size is your wrist? Does the large motif drape nicely on your hand after you shortened the bracelet? It would be great if you could share some photos of how you wear it. Thanks again.
  10. Wow wow ! Thanks so much for sharing this. She really models the bracelets very well. The 5-motifs Magic Alhambra bracelet doesn't seem to look too long on her wrist. I'm so worried that 19 cm might be too long for my 14 cm wrist.
  11. I hope you get a chance to try one of those bracelets on. I want one now too after seeing those pictures! :loveeyes:
  12. I wear a 16 in Cartier love so quite small and the shortened magic bracelet is 17,4 cm with the clasp, hope to have helped.. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458987231.891340.jpg
  13. Hi ladies, Happy Easter Holidays. Sorry for my late reply.

    Thank you so much for the picture. It looks so lovely on you! I believe we have a similar wrist size, since I was sized for 16 for the love bracelet but I went with size 17 as I like to wear it a bit loose. I will ask my SA for her opinion to have it resized too. Thanks again!

    Me too! :graucho: