Magic 8 Ball question: this Chloe bag for $500?

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  1. I desperately want this messenger bag but so cannot afford its $1400 price tag. Not even close. Should I devote time to scanning eBay, posting want ads, praying to bag deities, etc.? or just live with not having it? Somebody please, give me a straight answer. I can take it. I have to be put out of my misery.


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  2. If you want the bag but can't afford it, unfortunately the only thing you can do is to wait...keep searching ebay, bonanzle, places like anns fab finds and, see if it pops up there. It may take a while though to find the bag in the condition, style, and colour you want :sad:

    You could also wait for the sales - if it's meant to be, you might see it reduced somewhere! :yes:

    Goodluck! :tup:
  3. I found many fantastic deals on ebay.:tup: (Maybe a little too many for my own good.) Just be patient and check ebay often.:yes: Warning: You might be tempted to buy something else during the search and end up spending more.:Push: If you want this Saskia for $500, you may have to wait quite long time IMO.
  4. ebay has had this style pop up for around the $500 mark in red and the white/coral/grey combo... I don't know if I've seen this style in black on ebay... if you are flexible with the color - you might get lucky! Fingers crossed for you.
  5. OK, I'm a believer. Thanks you guys!