Magi eraser totally ruined my chloe bag!

  1. I found some ink mark on my bag and I tried the magic eraser and it like ripped part of the leather out!! it's totallly discolored and i haven't even used the bag?!!! what should i do??
  2. Oh faye, I'm so sorry! Magic Erasor can be fabulous but if overused, from what I learned from other PF'ers, it can be a nightmare! What I found worked on my Speedy 25 (it was a victim of "happy erasor" syndrome) was leather conditioner. I used Appleguard Leather conditioner. It restored some of the moisture on my handles and helped a bit.

    However, it never got back to that original state so I've since sold it and will be buying a brand new one in Paris. I know that for some PF'ers who didn't go Magic Erasor happy using the conditioner helped ALOT.

    By the way, where did you apply the magic erasor and how did it ruin your bag?
  3. I almost had a heart attack, I took it to Saks and see what they can do, the recommended me to this fabulous cobber, and I wouldn't believe my eyes, it toally retore it to its original!!
  4. cobber? whats that?
    anyways... i am glad it going back to normal now.
  5. Happy to hear your bag got fixed.
  6. I bought a used Coach bag off of e-bay and it came with a small stain on the outside that looked like oil. I tried Magi eraser on it and it totally removed the blue color of the leather - it looked so bad that I just threw the bag out (luckily it wasn't expensive). I have learned my lesson and I do think I was rubbing the stain spot too vigorously with my magi eraser. I won't do that again!

    I'm also much more careful when buying a used bag to make sure they specify that it has no stains or ink marks. Peggy
  7. I think she meant Cobbler.

    I wonder what he used on it!
  8. A professional leather shop can do magic to bags, they clean & restore the bags to brand-new conditions. =)
  9. Yep, my speedy finger typo. Cobbler

    He said he airbrushed it for me. It was unbelievable. This was in downtown SF. I went to the one near my house and they are of NO HELP.

    This cobbler's place has people bringing in marc jacobs, manolo, CL shoes, so they are very used to high end stuff. :smile:
  10. Congrats on getting your bag restored!! :yahoo: I will keep in mind the cobbler suggestion in case anything should happen to one of my bags -- I would have never thought of using one.
  11. Can you post name of the cobbler to see if they take mailed items to refurbish??????-thanks!:jammin: :supacool:
  12. Oohh PHEW, Faye!!! That's wonderful that the cobbler was able to restore your new bag.
  13. \
    Yes!! I've seen people mailing packages there because they were opening boots, purses, left and right

    The name of the shop is called Anthony's. It is in San Francisco, on Geary Street.
  14. Thanks for information, will be sending a handbag for repairs!!!!