Maggie vs. Leah

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  1. Did I make the right choice? I exchanged my FP Leah (black smooth matte leather) for a small Cinnamon Maggie this weekend.

    I don't have a photo of the Leah, here is Maggie from another thread:


    Leah seemed so practical, but I had it for a year an never felt moved enough to use it as my everyday work bag. I don't switch my bags out very often. I was never sold on Maggie but I saw it lying on the outlet shelf and when I hung it on my shoulder, the color really appealed to me. Maggie won't be my everyday work bag either (too small for files), but it does seem practically sized.

    Best of all, I bought the matching mini skinny for $12.

    My one problem is now I do not own a black bag!

    Did I make the right choice? It's too late to change my mind anyway, but I need positive reinforcement.
  2. I have owned a Leah....and I own Maggies (two of them)....and personally I think you made the right choice. My Leah never moved me much either. Maggie, on the other hand, really speaks to me. hehe I have the older (pleated) versions....but still....I definitely have some Maggie love.

    Congrats to you! And need a black bag for sure now! ;)
  3. You definitely made the right choice! Any bag that just sits in your wardrobe without getting used is such a waste. At least now you have something that you like.

    Enjoy your Maggie :smile:
  4. I have both and love both of them. THey are both practical.... it is a rather hard decision. You should go with one that you will use more (to make your money more worth it)
  5. i think you didi good, i think the maggie is a nicer looking bag,and i love that color!!!