Maggie versus Tracy

  1. I got a whiskey+tan east-west Tracy last season and am liking it a lot. Now I see the Maggie at NM, at about $1000 more. The Maggie clearly has a little more work involved in assembling and sewing the thing, but a thousand bucks more? Has anyone seen a Maggie with the nekkid eye?
  2. The leather on the Maggies are really scrumptious :heart: but I find the frame satchel version a bit awkward to get in and out of.

    The small/large non-frame ones are really gorgeous, but I do think the prices are a bit high...
  3. Do you have a picture of your tracy bag? I just got into Chloe and wanted to get a bag in Whiskey, just not sure which style yet.

  4. I've seen the Maggie, and although the leather is super soft, I don't like the style. It's kind of has a "western" feel to it, which I don't care for.

    There were some Maggies on the sale table at Neiman Marcus the other weekend.
  5. :drool: OMG, are those smaller maggie bags on sale? Oh... I really like them! How much are they?
  6. I know that Helen Yi had the smaller one on Sale.....there is another thread under Shopping with the pictures and prices.

    Oh and the leather on them is AMAZING to say the least!
  7. I bought the smaller Maggie at Nordstroms for my mother. When she put her stuff into it, the bottom of the bag totally sagged and showed all of the bottom feet on the bag. It really changed the shape of the bag and it was not attractive, so we returned it. If you are considering one, you might want to put your stuff into it and see what it looks like.