Maggie Simpson Gets A Birkin!

  1. [​IMG]

    From Harper's Bazaar August 2007 issue!! SO CUTE!!

    also worth mentioning because I am obsessed with all things Lanvin and collect Alber Elbaz clothes and necklacesa nd shoes like they are food during the depression.

  2. That is HILARIOUS! Can't wait to get my copy!
  3. OK my brothers have all just gain A new respect for What I do for my past time and the stack of Mags that They have to push of My car seat. The Simpsons ROCK!!
  4. cute!! gotta love the simpsons ^^
  5. I love that one episode with Marge and the Chanel suit....
    BURNED into my brain!
  6. That is the coolest most refreshing editorial I've seen in a magazine in such a long time !
  7. awww!! that is too cute!
  8. Too cute!
  9. Love it! Can't wait to see the issue.
  10. LOL! Wonderful!
  11. So cute!!! I Love it!!
  12. Very cute indeed!
  13. :nuts:

    I love it!!!!
  14. My 2 favorite things coming together, fashion and the simpsons! loves it!!
  15. Great pics.
    The world is coming to something when a little girl sucking a dummy gets an H bag before i get mine.:p