Maggie- Saffron or Cinnamon....??

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  1. Have any of you ladies seen the Saffron or Cinnamon Maggie in person? I just saw them on the website and like them both... any preferences?

    Also, can I use my electronic PCE on them and then return one in the store???

  2. Both are beautiful!! Can't go wrong with choosing either.

    Something about that Saffron color...Oooooo so pretty!!! :girlsigh:
  3. I have the saffron and I just love, love, love the color! It's so pretty in late summer/early fall. I saw the cinnamon and it was way too orange IMO, but then agian I've never really been into orange. HTH!!
  4. Saffron! I have the orginal pleated saffron maggie.
  5. I have the original cinnamon Maggie. Same color but without the brass logo on front. It is an amazing color and great bag. I had the smaller one and returned it originally because it kept slipping off my shoulder. I happened to be in the outlet a year later and saw the one and only large for less tan the price of the small.nit was meant to be. I have loved it since. It slips sometimes as well, but worth every readjustment
  6. [​IMG]

    I have last years cinnamon and love her. I have had so many compliments on this bag, especially the color. I vote cinnamon.
  7. [​IMG]

    I have last years cinnamon and love her. I have had so many compliments on this bag, especially the color. I vote cinnamon.
  8. I like both but I prefer the Saffron because it is not as orange and is so beautiful for autumn!
  9. I vote for saffron!
  10. Seems like everyone loves the Saffron!!! I wonder if I order it if I can return to the store if for some reason it doesn't work out!???!
  11. The cinnamon Maggie they have out this year, IMO opinion is much more orange-y than the first version they had out a year ago....the Saffron is also has more brown tones than the one a year ago. I thought I would like the cinnamon because I wear a lot of orange but I like the Saffron better.
  12. You can absolutely return it to the store if you don't like it. Just take the order receipt that's included with your package.
  13. Saffron! :smile:
  14. I have the saffron Julianne and she is beautiful!
  15. I saw the saffron IRL today and it is so pretty. Perfect for Fall.