Maggie Price Tag Question

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  1. Last night I was just filing away my receipt and price tag for my Maggie and noticed that the price tag for my Maggie said "Large" on it. I'm a bit confused because on the receipt is says it was $398 but that's the price for the regular size one isn't it? The portion of the price tag that actually has the price has been taken off, so I'm confused, did they accidently send me the wrong size Maggie or does everyone who bought a regular/medium size Maggie have a tag that says large? TIA for your help :smile:
  2. yep, i noticed that too. My Maggie is definitely the smaller one, but the price tag says large on it too. Wonder what the large maggie price tag says....anyone?
  3. Mine had the "large" scratched out with a pen...
  4. The Maggie only has to sizes and according to my SA it is Large and Tote... I hope that helps...
  5. Which is the large and which is the tote? Because on the website it shows the one for $698 as "large maggie" but mine which was $398 it said large on the tag.

    I wonder as well what the tag on the large ($698) Maggie says
  6. Mine also says large. They had the larger one displayed right behind it but since it was way too large for me, I never looked at the pricetag.
  7. The price tag on my Cinnamon Maggie, style 13902 @ $698 reads,

    This is the largest of the 2 styles, btw.

    Obviously Coach has some issues with the descriptions on these styles.
  8. Maggie siggy only comes in 1 size correct? Style #13894. Is that right on everyone?I have actually been considering this bag in Siggy. Im worried about my fluffy arms tho and living in Midwest, i obviously have to wear coats in the winter and im concerned if i can carry this w/ a leather coat on too? What says you guys on that issue?
  9. My Cobalt also says "Large" even though it's not technically the large.
  10. it was a misprint on the original batch of Maggies, thats all...