Maggie: On the Shoulder or On the Arm?

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  1. Where do you carry your Maggie? On your shoulder or on your arm.
    It won't quite go on my shoulder. I noticed Strawberry carrying it on her arm in her pics and it looked sooooooo cute.
    I just feel weird when I carry shoulder bags on my arm...but it won't go on my shoulder.
  2. #2 Jul 4, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 4, 2009
    Hi Greyhoundgal. Thanks for the comment on the bag. Actually, the Maggie is comfortable on my arm because the bag itself is lightweight. That's how I carried her yesterday most of the time. I think you'll just get used to it. I used to not carry anything on my shoulder or arm as I'm more of a crossbody/sling user. I got compliments yesterday on the bag.


  3. i carry mine on my shoulder...i had to sell my sabrina because i just cannot stand carrying bags on my arm (i don't mind the look i just don't like how it feels on me)
  4. I prefer Maggie as a shoulder bag.
  5. Definitely shoulder, too big for the arm IMO. Besides, it will eventually start hurting your arm :/

    congrats on your new Maggie BTW, its gorgeous!
  6. i carry on the shoulder and then switch to the hand (not the arm)
  7. I wear it on my shoulder. It is so comfortable.