Maggie Lovers Helped! Guess What Color I Chose-

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  1. Thank you for all of your help Maggie Lovers. All of your suggestions in my previous thread "Maggie Lovers Please Help!" really helped. I went back to the mall today, went to every endcap store to see what deals they had (lots of things on sale for the 4th). But nevertheless, I got my Maggie. I had narrowed it down to two choices going in. The cinnamon and saffron. I tried them both on but the saffrom kept reminding me of mustard. I think my skin was too dark to bring OUT the bag. The cinnamon complemented me lovely. Although it may clash with my pinks, I think it will go with the rest of my wardrobe.

    i still have a devilish of a time with pics, but i tried!

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  2. Oh yeah! I thought the Cinnamon would be the best choice considering what you said about wanting that color in another style. I think it looks great!
  3. I saw this color IRL today and it is gorgeous.. apparently they are going to be sold out soon in this color is what my SA told me...
  4. This is my favorite color, and if I were to get a Maggie it would be this one! Congrats!
  5. :yahoo:Ooooh! She is so beautiful!!!
  6. Heck yeah!!!! I love this color too! Great choice!! She's gorgeous!!! Congrats!!!!!!!
  7. thanks guys. i have already switched over all of my items and i have been goo-goo eyed all night!
  8. strikingly gorgeous!
  9. Great looks really awesome on you!
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    Terrific choice! Looks beautiful on you!
  11. It looks great on you!
  12. I just exchanged my gray Maggie for a cinnamon this week. I think you made an excellent choice! Congrats and enjoy it.
  13. It looks fabulous on you! Love it!
  14. Congrats!!!! I love the cinnamon color!!!
  15. That bag looks great on you!