Maggie Companion Set (Help!)


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Aug 6, 2020
Hello all!

tl;dr - What swing packs / wristlets / small hobos with at least one zipper pouch match the 13902 Maggie in black/silver with the lilac satin lining and grey topstitching?

Long version -

I have the Maggie XL 13902 in black with silver hardware and grey topstitching (the smooth, shiny finish) with a coordinating large wristlet and cannibalized Madison satchel crossbody strap (pics if needed). It's been, I guess, 12 years (?!?!) since I bought this and I think I purchased them together, but I may have gotten the wristlet at a different time since it has the black and white ticking stripe lining. Ultimately I need something larger than the wristlet to use as a wallet / mini crossbody purse. I'm an obsessive matchy-matchy person and am having a difficult time figuring out what came out at the same time. I've scoured the archives here, but most of the pics have broken links, and the Wayback Machine doesn't have anything useful.

I have two options:
1) Find something bigger than my existing wristlet in a matching colorway - same leather finish, grey topstitching, and either lilac, black, or black and white stripe. So I'm asking for help with what y'all paired with your Maggies, or if y'all know what might work.

2) Start a new (to me, since there are no large black with silver hardware offerings right now in-store) set that has black topstitching and the orchid lining or plain black. I'm fine with this, but I think that the newer Maison Maggies and Mias are a different size and I really enjoy the XL size. Based on the Maggie sizing thread I found, am I understanding that Maggies after the 13902 have two sizes, but the larger of the two is close to the XL size? Does anyone have dimensions or creed numbers they could help me with to ensure I'm purchasing the larger of the two? Also, do the newer Mia Maggies have handles with the painted plastic "piping" on the edges, or do they have the rolled / flat leather?

This is a ton of questions, so thank you in advance for any help you can provide. I need to figure this out, my family has started to get worried about how much time I've spent researching, and I scrolled through so many listings yesterday I had to ice my thumb.