Maggie Arrived!!!

  1. The Framed Maggie Dual Satchel I purchased from BlueFly arrive this morning :yahoo:.I'm pleased but must admit it's pretty heavy dispite the beautiful soft lambskin leather.I'm on the fence about keeping this one dispite the fact that it is beautiful and was one hell of deal price wise but I thought I'd share a few pictures anyway.I'd appreciate any thoughts or comments,keep it or send it back,that is the question :shrugs:.

    The leather looks a bit shiny but thats due to the flash,it was a cloudy morning here in VA this morning.
    P1050453.JPG P1050455.JPG P1050461.JPG P1050450.JPG P1050451.JPG
  2. really pretty, congrats!!
  3. oooh I think I would keep it ;)

    It looks super shiny and lovely leather. Congrats. Can you make us all green with jealousy and remind us once more what price you paid (if you dont mind :biggrin:)
  4. Cat... That bag is gorgeous you have to keep it:yes:! The price was an absolute steal, I still cannot believe the amazing deal you got on it:nuts:.
  5. :nuts: This bag is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love it... :heart::drool:
  6. That's gorgeus, looks like a keeper to me:girlsigh::angel:
  7. whoa.... it's so beautiful...:nuts: way nicer than the pic on Bluefly!
    Definitely keep it Cat!
    Such a gorgeous bag :heart:at such a great price, You HAVE to keep it!:yahoo:
  8. An amazing piece, keep it for sure! Congrats!
  9. Beautiful--think I'd keep it, just don't pack it too full.

  10. Too funny !:lol: OK,$849.99 with the discounts + s/h and taxes came to a grand total of $900.44
    The added shine was cause by the camera flash, the leather on this bag is truely awesome.I love the Antelope color and I love the fact that I got
    such a good deal :graucho:.
  11. Ohhhh it's gorgeous! You should definitely keep that one :tup: What a steal!!! :yahoo:
  12. That is an amazing deal! I love the little details and compartments. It is a lovely bag.
  13. I think that you should send it me!!!!:rolleyes:
  14. It's a nice bag & you got a good deal!
  15. :roflmfao:..LOL.. THAT WAS GOOD ONE!!!