Maggie and Molly with Kelly - pics

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  1. Here are my babies with Kelly. Maggie is the black & tan Pom and Molly is the all black Pom. Molly I nicknamed the "got milk" dog because she has the white mustache.:P
  2. YAY! OMG, so cute Kat! I love it when you guys post pictures of your dogs with your pretty bags. Makes me wish I had a puppy so bad :[
  3. :lol: Got milk? That is sooo cute! Love, love, love the Kelly! :heart:
  4. What cuties!!!!
  5. beautiful! all three of your babies!
  6. Your dogs are gorgeous!
  7. Just wondering if you can tell me how to post pictures..sorry for the question - I'd like to post but my files are too large...any tips?
  8. Omigod! :amazed: :love:....they're beautiful, including the Kelly! I almost adopted a pomeranian, but I think it would've drove my husband crazy to add another pet to our family...Maggie and Molly are soo adorable! The Kelly is the pebbled leather and in black! Congrats!
  9. I resize my pics at It is very simple to use. Give it a try.:P
  10. Thanks for all your kind comments about my pooches and my Kelly. I love them all!
  11. !!!!! :love::love::heart::heart:
  12. Kat, congrats. =)
    Kelly is beautiful, Maggie & Molly are cute!!! =)
  13. Sooo cute! little and fluffy, what's cuter?
  14. Kat, your dogs are so CUTE! And your Kelly is gorgeous!
  15. Love your bag and your little darlings!
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