1. Is there any way of getting a magenta first, twiggy, PT or city if I didn't waitlist for it at BalNY? None of the other stores are getting it except maybe for Spring/summer 08, correct? Anyone know when the Spring/summer collection that has magneta is sent out for sale?
  2. Magenta was a 2005 color and has been sold out at retail stores for a long time, in all styles. The one "exception" is the limited edition magenta City being re-made and re-offered only by the Balenciaga boutique and coming within the next month. It is the "old" 2005 magenta color, and you can get it with regular hardware, GGH or SGH. You do have to get on the list, if there are any left, to get one of these bags. The department stores aren't offering them, just the boutique. For any other style, like Twiggy or first, you just have to rely on re-sale markets to get a 2005 bag.

    For the new and different color that will be also be called "Magenta" in the spring 2008 pre-collection, you're early! We haven't seen it and there aren't any lists yet. But this gives you the option of a new bag in other styles and in a color that we expect will be similar. Isn't it fun trying to buy a B bag??? Good luck!
  3. I've already decided that as soon as the waitlists are open, I'm going to put myself down for a S/S '08 Magenta Day bag with giant silver hardware!

    I'm removing myself from all the waitlists for Jaune & Violet...I'm completely disappointed in those colors (especially Jaune)!!
  4. Sounds like a great choice! I always regret not having a Magenta day.
  5. Thanks so much for the info. I really want to get on the waitlist of the 08 one!
  6. Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind after I see the swatches. ;)
  7. Does BalNY ship to Canada and how have they been with customs? I really want this Magenta City coming out..