Magenta work or BG city--desperately need your help!

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  1. Well gals, I got a chance to get a Magenta Work and a BG city, I've been wanting both but can't afford, I love the leather of BG a bit more and the color of Magenta a bit more, and I don't have either of these two styles, I'm 5'9 and 120lb.
    It's hard cause they are both beautiful, so I have to rely on my dearest fellow TPFer to help me making the final decision! Pleeeeeeeeese, your advise is highly appreciated. :woohoo:
  2. personally i will go for the colour i like more over the leather unless of course the leather is in a terribly dry condition. i don't mind slightly more distressed leather long as it isn't crackly dry. good luck on your choice!
  3. I have a Magenta Work and absolutely LOVE it! :yes: I like the '08 BG but I honestly don't like the orange zippers of the '08 BG- I prefer the '05 BG a lot. Both are still gorgeous though! Good luck! :tender:
  4. Thanks Jzlyn and Marie for your advise!
    Marie I saw you rocking your Magenta work, that's also why I prefer work with Magenta.
  5. I would see how the magenta's leather is and then decide. I noticed quite a few 08 magenta works had great leather but some of the cities were so dry and crackly looking. Most of the bbgum pinks had great leather so that should be fine. So, really either color is great if it has good leather. I know I'm no help at all...
  6. I vote for Magenta. It probably won't get as dirty (even if you are really careful with BG) and it is just so POP with color. Just moisturize her a lot and hopefully with use, she will smooth out and become more supple. As long as she is not super crackly dry I say go for her!
  7. simona7 I see your point, yeah after seeing many dry Magenta cities and smooshy Magenta work, I really get a little confused here and hoping I can get a fabulous magenta.
  8. kristie I didn't know BG would easily get dirty, cause I plan to use it for a really long time(sometimes things going out of our plan but at least I tried), so a practical bag is way better.
  9. are these 05s?? i'd go for magenta if so =)
  10. I like the Work in Magenta too ... but the ones I've seen irl all have that dry cracky leather ... maybe you'll get lucky and get one like MarieG, hers is tdf!
  11. No, it's 08.
    yeah I know, wish me luck!
  12. I don't know about others' opinions on this subject, but I wasn't able to find a non-veiny magenta leather. I chose Bubble Gum and I love it so much. I vote for BG.
  13. Ok, I was focusing on this thread too much that I forgot to check the evilbay and lost the Magenta work bidding, feeling so stupid.:cursing:
    Hope there will be some more good choices pop up( BG is still there).
    Thanks every one, you are the best:tpfrox:
  14. I know,the veiny leather is my main concern about magenta. Thanks for your vote~~;)
  15. LOL, well i would go for magenta, i think that colour is TDF!