Magenta with Giant Gold hardware in Size Small (FIRST) ever exists?

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  1. Just wondering if Magenta with Giant Gold hardware in size FIRST ever exist ?
    Or any bright color with GH in size FIRST ever exist ?
    I am a newbie to B-bag recently converted from Chanel :smile:
  2. I just posted this in another thread, but I'm afraid that the first does not come with the GH. The new limited edition Magenta will only come in the city style, but it will come in gold GH, silver GH, and RH.
  3. thanks chuggie , I am wondering when Magenta with Gold GH will come out ?
  4. I think everyone was saying that it comes in august sometime. some of the other ladies might know.
  5. I think they are pushing for a July 30th release, but if not, it should be here by early to mid august

  6. ooooooooo Magenta with silver GH:tup:
  7. if you are in interested in getting a magenta city, i would recommend ordering one now instead of waiting til july...