Magenta - What Came Out in It or Is Coming Out In It?

  1. I have been busy with eBay and haven't had a chance to keep up with the latest on the Coach Colors.

    Is magenta sold out, yet to come or what? What items are available or were available in magenta. I saw a mini skinny today and it made me remember I wanted to check oin magenta items.
  2. There's the patent magenta which is available in a mini skinny and wristlet. Then there's the Bleecker large duffle in magenta, not patent. I think that's the only magenta items available right now. There were some rumors about a patent magenta ergo but that hasn't been confirmed yet. The Bleecker large duffle is available now at and is supposed to be available from Coach in the next week or so. (I think Dec. 12?) Hope all that info helps!
  3. Thanks! I am wondering if my SA can get the Large Duffle for the Nordies Points Event tomorrow night.

  4. ohh whats the nordstrom points event?? sounds fun :yes:
  5. Oh, I hope so!! It's a gorgeous bag! I love mine!!
  6. Ditto! I was in my store yesterday and the SA's were all complimenting me on my bag and how fast it sold out.
  7. Love mine as well!! I can't wait to go into the store with it on Tuesday!